Chanel It

Chanel It

What  I love about this outfit is how unique it is.

Every single item in this set stands alone. Yet paired together, it feels like they were always meant to be.

The most obvious theme here is white: it ties it all together. Then you get the subtle twins, like the chain on the bracelet matching the chains on the bag. It even sort of matches the lining around the arm holes.

Most clearly a summer outfit.

Wear it to stand out, but not too much. Just enough to induce curiosity of the people around you. Wear it to a wedding where you can wear white without competing with the bride. Goodness! Even wear it to lunch even!

… if you dare.

White dress
£16 –

Platform shoes
£53 –

Chanel leather purse
£2,490 –

Mikimoto white gold earrings
£4,555 –

Diamond jewelry
£675 –

Bracelet charm
£220 –

Trish McEvoy fragrance
£120 –


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