Caught in the Web

Caught in the Web

I don’t like webs.
But I do like butterflies. And I do think life is like a web.
Not the sticky, horrible kind of web you can’t get out of. Instead, the kind of web that’s like a maze. You never know what’s hiding in the corner. Do you turn left or right? Trying to take a short-cut but finding yourself in the same spot as before. Or you can just take your time and have fun. Sure you’ll come to a dead end…but instead of giving up and staying there…you can just turn right back and try again. That kind of web.
This outfit really says all that, believe it or not. It shouts “Hey, sure I’m wearing expensive shoes but I’m not afraid to wear something thats hundreds less in cost.
Plus it’s pink. And has studs on my feet.”
So next time you find yourself in a web, think outside the box.
Just like wear a bright pink cross-body bag with a pastel pink embellished dress.

Plus size sleeveless shirt
£42 –

Valentino patent leather flat
£700 –

Rosetti pink shoulder bag
£25 –

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