How To Wear A Floral Kimono

Untitled #23

Floral pieces are statement pieces. So how do you style it?

Whether it is to meet a friend for lunch or whether you work as an office PA and you need a posh little cardigan, it doesn’t have to be a boring rigid one with tight buttons squeezing you in and making it uncomfortable to life your arms around.

It can be a kimono. And it can have floral patterns all over it.

The thought of a floral kimono or anything resembling it would make most people roll their eyes – but it shouldn’t.

This floral Haori kimono by Fleur Du Mal from does the perfect job in turning your everyday attire into something statement. Staying true to the secrets of the perfect floral, the colours contrast perfectly. To avoid turning the whole outfit into a two-piece (and to bring out the coral flowers in the blazer), the perfect partner to this kimono is the Elizabeth and James Woodrow stretch-crepe shorts. Like a skirt, but really a short, this is absolutely gorgeous and will make your legs look forever long and elongated.

Speaking of long and elongated, everyone knows that nude shoes make your legs look that big extra leaner and longer. That’s why these wedge sandals by Steve Madden are incredibly gorgeous part of this outfits team.

And of course, this outfit wouldn’t be complete without a tan structured tote from River Island.

So if you’re trying to find an alternative to a boring cardigan, why not try the floral kimono. And who knows? You might just fall in love.


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