What’s In My Pencil Case | Back to School

What's In My Pencil Case | Back to School

Hello everyone! We are all back to school and what better time to share the contents of your pencil case?! This is my dream pencil case so if I had a pencil case any time soon…this is what I’d want it to look like! For direct link to the products click on the link below the picture and you’ll be be taken to my Polyvore page. Yay!

Fine Liners – overstock.com

Rilakkuma Sharpener – morninggloryus.com

Gel Pens – Amazon

Stick Pen – Hottopic

Double Pencil Sharpener – Urban Decay

(Yah I know it’s not strictly desined for pencil cases but once you use it on your pencils you’ll know what I mean :P )

Banana Erases – Amazon

Pink and Gold Pencils – Etsy

Watermelon Pencil Case – kikki-k.com

So there you have it! The coolest pencil case in your whole entire school / college!


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